A Leather Jacket is a Man’s Best Friend

Why do you need a leather jacket

A leather Jacket is a classic essential that should be a part of any man’s wardrobe. It was introduced as the go-to attire by fighter pilots, cowboys in movies and the iconic Elvis Presley; the 50’s era made leather jackets a fashion statement.

Sleek leather jackets scream masculinity and it is also a perfect winter wear. The current world economic situation makes us reconsider our choices, but if you think about it, a leather jacket is worth the investment. The way you dress is a gateway to your personality and who doesn’t want to show their best self?

Before we dive into the reasons on why you need a leather jacket, you need to do a little homework on your look. Find a jacket which suits your personality and body type. The Biker Jackets look really edgy, if you are going for a 50s Grease look.

One of the unique style is Brandon Call Leather Jacket and that’s a cool classical design of leather jacket. It is well know by the name of an actor, named Brandon Call. He was very famous due to his classic outfit and unique dress designs.

If you want a biker jacket but a smoother, clean version, the motorcross jacket is a good choice. The jacket comes with a tabbed collar, zips on both sides, and it is the perfect upper for a windy day.

The most popular jacket is the bomber jacket. It is sleek, classic, and very versatile and makes your appearance edgy. A quite clean, minimal body style, with ribbed cuffs and collar, which hugs the body frame. It looks trendy and comfortable. I give this jacket bonus points for class and convenience.

Why do you need a leather jacket?

Winters have almost begun, the temperature may drop to a minus in some regions. If it gets chilly, a warm leather jacket will be your savior. Initially leather jackets were usually worn by bikers, and to withstand wind, the jacket is designed to protect the upper half of the body. Choose a jacket made out of genuine leather. Usually leather jackets are made out of cowhide and lambskin. Leather jackets provide a protective layer during the colder months, especially if you are riding a bike or working outside.

Aside from all the benefits of a leather jacket, it is remarkable that a product can stand wear and tear, yet still keep you warm and comfortable. There are various leather jackets for every season, and here at Sharsal, we carefully designed leather jackets, with fur collars to keep you warm and fashionable.

Why do you need a leather jacket


Leather jackets are popular because you can wear them all year around. Whether it’s spring season, or the chilly winter months, a leather jacket is your pick-me-up.

As mentioned above, leather jackets were carried out by movie actors and celebrities. Movies like Maverick, Fast n Furious sport leather jackets. Until recently, these jackets were reserved for the masculine genre of cinema, but now we spot many celebrities sporting a leather jacket on the red carpet, award functions, annual dinners etc. An edgier fashion statement is being adorned and it is much appreciated by the general public.

Imagine this, you just got back for work and you realize you have a date in 15 min. What do you do? You throw on a solid color shirt and pair it with a black leather jacket. Dark brown trousers go well with this look.

People might say a dog is a man’s best friend. I care to disagree, a leather jacket is the ultimate man’s best friend, and furthermore, a black leather jacket. You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket. It can be worn on a picnic, a concert or walking/ trekking.

Another fashion hack, you only need a good quality leather jacket and use it for multiple occasions. Heading out with the boys and also attending a dinner later? Wear a light blue dress shirt underneath a brown leather jacket. Black dress pants will compliment this style.  Don’t forget the iconic sharsal leather wallet, and you are set to go.

Gone are the days, when leather jackets were worn to portray an aesthetic, it is becoming a staple everyday item for the masses.


Leather jackets cost a fortune, are they worth the hefty price tag? Totally. In the northern hemisphere, we experience long chillier months throughout the year. Purchasing a good quality leather jacket is a win-win. You’ll get to wear it often because of the cold, windy weather. Leather jackets are not weaved like other textile products and are sturdy in composition.  Leather jackets don’t tear or get ruined because of the thick material of the leather.

If the jacket is made of genuine leather, it will last longer. A little cleaning and maintenance is required for durability. Moisture can ruin the leather if you don’t take care of it. Avoid throwing your leather jacket in the washing machine. A little castile soap and wet cloth are sufficient to clean the material. Investing in a leather conditioner comes in handy and retains the durability. Air dry your leather jackets in a dry, cool place, before putting them away.


Hypoallergenic feature:

Another great thing about leather jackets is that they are hypoallergenic, but only genuine leather.  Some pieces of textiles, especially if worn often, can cause allergies among individuals, such as redness, itching etc. This a natural body reaction to guard the skin’s layer from the material.  Therefore, original leather jackets are hypoallergenic. It means you can wear your leather jacket every day, without any skin irritation.

Leather Scent:

The scent of a leather jacket is one of the best things about the product. The cool, sleek leather skin and warm, husky scent are like a warm hug.  Leather jackets tend to have a spicy, woody scent. The fragrance is not over powering, nor is it unpleasant. However, the woody leather scent is only available in genuine leather. Faux leather jackets usually contain a chemical odor, or an unusual fish smell.  Sometimes manufacturers use fish oil in the manufacturing of faux leather. The next time you want to distinguish between faux leather and genuine leather, take a whiff!

Leather Scent

Leather jackets are timeless and they are not getting out of fashion anytime soon, till another five years. If you want to change up your look, make heads turn as you walk pass by, check out our store for a new range of excellent quality leather jackets.

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